NOTE FROM THE CAT Flour Sack Towel

We all know that animals are a part of the family and we couldn't leave them out of the fun. Inspired by our friend Darla, we created "a note from the cat". We might be partial, but we think it's the perfect gift for any cat owner, made extra special with a heart and that special name. 

We love animals and are happy to make this note plural, adding from the "cats" and extra names. 

100% cotton flour sack towel

Measures approximately 28" x 30"

Font and colors as shown

Based on the number of letters, the size of text may be changed to accommodate the space. 

    Choose a ribbon color

  • Red Gingham
  • Blue Gingham
  • Pink Gingham
  • Bright Pink Gigham
  • Taupe Gingham
  • Black Ginghame

To ensure your personalization is correct, please type the name of the cat or cats (as shown in sample layout). Please type “NONE” to omit personalization and add additional information or instructions as needed.